The Risk Management Center: A Web-Based Risk Reduction Platform

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The Risk Management Center is the most comprehensive insurance risk management, workplace safety, and compliance platform available. It is designed by safety professionals to allow you to reduce risk and enable employee safety by creating an effective human resources and risk management program.

The Risk Management Center is secure, web-based and contains a suite of safety and risk management tools designed to facilitate all aspects of your organization’s risk prevention efforts. The programs are simple to set up and are applicable to every industry, enabling all employees to be safe at work. The Risk Management Center is designed to allow for the oversight and management of multiple locations and departments, making it a perfect resource for the safety-conscious organization.

Each application helps with a specific aspect of risk management, including tracking certificates of insurance, incident reporting, safety data sheet management, personnel management, and other efforts to reduce risk. Together, these applications make up the Risk Management Center.

The Risk Management Center enables employers to:

  • Access a best practices safety library
  • Train employees online
  • Track and report incidents
  • Build a behavior-based safety program
  • Protect against liability through certificate of insurance management
  • Comply with OSHA and other regulatory bodies
  • Create job descriptions
  • Maintain an up-to-date list of Safety Data Sheets
  • Implement an HR program
    and much more.

Create a Safety Culture

The Risk Management Center is designed to work seamlessly for every operation and is an efficient, complete alternative to trying to build safety documents and loss prevention programs from various sources. Your organization needs a system that is not only comprehensive, but has the capacity to grow with you. This is a true risk management platform, providing the capability for you to create a safety culture for your entire organization.

Cost-Effective, Time-Saving – A Safety Solution that Pays

Risk Managers, Safety Professionals, and Human Resource leaders are looking for solutions to deliver positive results cost-effectively. The primary goal for any risk management program is to reduce risks and injuries, while improving profitability. The Risk Management Center is a collection of tools and materials that help you achieve that goal.

The web-based Risk Management Center can improve your organization’s productivity and efficiency. The platform is easy to access and the tools cover all aspects of workplace safety – from training and tracking to reporting and analysis, from employee behavior to environmental issues, from insurance risk control to OSHA compliance.

Over 45,000 organizations use The Risk Management Center to:

  • Reduce risk
  • Lower costs
  • Increase workplace safety
  • Demonstrate corporate stewardship
  • Deliver OSHA compliance
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