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Pennsylvania State AED Law

All fifty states have enacted laws and/or regulations requiring that public gathering places have AEDs available. The intent of these laws and regulations are so sudden cardiac death or neurological damage will not be the end result in any of these attacks.

This information is specifically related to AED legislation and requirements for the state of Pennsylvania.

  • Physician Entities purchasing an automated external defibrillator must have physician approval for AED purchase. State EMS office recommends use of a physician medical director.

  • CPR/AED Training Expected AED users shall complete training in the use of an AED provided by the American National Red Cross or the American Heart Association or through an equivalent course of instruction approved by the department of health in consultation with a technical committee of the Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council.

  • EMS Notification The Pennsylvania State EMS Office recommends notifying the regional EMS council and local EMS providers and/or local 911 centers of the implementation of an AED.

  • Maintenance Program The defibrillator must be maintained and tested according to the manufacturer's operational guidelines.

  • Notification of Use A user of an AED must utilize available means to immediately contact and activate the emergency medical services system. Any appropriate data or information must be made available to emergency medical services personnel or other health care providers as requested.

  • Good Samaritan Protection Good Samaritan protection for use of an AED and establishes guidelines for AED programs. This protects the rescuer, purchaser, property owner, physician, and trainer.

Laws / Legislation Reference 24 P.S. § 14-1423 (2014) Sets guidelines for AED programs in schools.

73 P.S. § 2174 (2012) Sets guidelines for AED programs in health clubs.

HB 1525 (2011) Requires that health clubs with services offered during nonstaffed hours be equipped with an AED, panic button, emergency phone, and personal security device.

55 PA. Code § 2800.96 (2011) Outlines AED requirements for assisted living facilities.

HB 2778 (2010) Requires hotels to provide and maintain AEDs.

The information posted on our website is not intended as legal advice and may contain inaccurate or incomplete information. We encourage you to contact your state representative should you require more information.

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