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Red Heart Training Expands Services and Products in New Location

Red Heart Training’s new location is in York, Pennsylvania with on-site training facility.

York, PA, June 1, 2019 — Red Heart Training has moved to a new location to serve clients better in York, Pennsylvania. The new training facility located at 1380 Spahn Avenue shares it’s home with VisionCorps, a non-profit organization whom empowers individuals with vision loss to attain independence.

In addition to offering on-site health and safety training courses, Red Heart Training now has the opportunity to offer student’s and businesses the option of holding training at their new centrally located training facility, which comfortably accommodates up-to twenty-four students.

New services and products added to Red Heart Training’s popular CPR, first aid, and safety courses include: online safety training, risk management cloud-based software, first aid products, AEDs, safety products, and engagement / promotional products. These additional services and products will give business clients the convenience of one supplier for their first aid and safety related needs.

With a new location and additional offerings, Red Heart Training launched a much improved website [redhearttraining.com] which will allow clients to learn, shop, and schedule training.

Red Heart Training, LLC is a privately-owned company specializing in CPR and first aid training, and offers a variety of services and products related to first aid and safety.

If you would like more information, please email info@redhearttraining.com

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