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September is National Preparedness Month

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

National Preparedness Month, is recognized each September to promote family and community disaster and emergency planning now and throughout the year. The 2019 theme is "Prepared, Not Scared."

Week 1: Save Early for Disaster Costs

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Week 2: Make a Plan

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  • Be Prepared. Make an emergency plan today & practice it: www.ready.gov/plan #BeReady

  • Preparing your family for an emergency is as simple as a conversation over dinner. Get started today: www.ready.gov/plan #PreparedNotScared

  • It’s important to include kids in the disaster planning process. Review your family emergency plan together so that they know what to do even if you are not there: ready.gov/kids #YouthPrep #BeReady

  • Practice your fire escape plan by having a home fire drill at least twice a year with everyone in the home. #BeReady

  • Download a group texting app so your entire circle of family and friends can keep in touch before, during & after an emergency. #PreparedNotScared

  • Practice evacuating in the car with your animals, so they’re more familiar if you need to evacuate in an emergency. #PrepareNow

  • Be prepared. Get the @fema app with weather alerts for up to 5 locations, plus disaster resources and safety tips: fema.gov/mobile-app #BeReady

  • Contact your water and power companies to get on a “priority reconnection service” list of power-dependent customers if you rely on electrical medical equipment. #PrepareNow

  • Learn how to turn off utilities like natural gas in your home. ready.gov/safety-skills #PreparedNotScared #BeReady

  • Be prepared for a power outage by having enough food, water, & meds to last for at least 72 hours: ready.gov/kit #BeReady

Week 3: Youth Preparedness

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Week 4: Get Involved in Your Community’s Preparedness

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For more information, visit https://www.ready.gov/september

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